What is this?

What is this? I don't really know, other then a continuation of my updates and writings that I was sharing previously on Caringbridge of this journey through cancer and now widowhood and single parenting.

Maybe it won't end up being anything at all, or maybe it will be a glimpse into my heart, my life, my current situation, my testimony.

Whatever it becomes, I am touched that you are interested.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Next Steps

I wanted to just give a basic update of our journey.  Forgive me for the lack of finesse in this update.

We believe we will be getting released from the hospital today or tomorrow, just waiting on finalizing the details for home hospice care, and getting the proper equipment there and set up.

Brandon is very weak, and very fatigued, but not in pain.  

We have had lots of visitors, close friends and family from all over the country coming to visit and help.  We are so grateful.  I can't even express how dizzying and confusing and difficult this is, and would be impossible without all the help to myself, Bonnie, Roger and David.

We plan to go home with home hospice care, and according to Brandon's wishes, do our best to transfer to a facility at the end.  We need your prayers that God allows us the ability to do our best to meet those wishes, both with timing and finances.

We are incredibly humbled by the outpouring of donations to the Giveforwardfundraiser for us.  As we make some very difficult decisions, it has truly ministered to our spirits to have that to allow us to do our best to meet Brandon's wishes.  And, as much as it has comforted me, it has comforted Brandon so much more.  Without life insurance (denied since diagnosed so young) this is truly helping to calm his financial fears for Aria and I.  So I thank you, not just for Aria and I, but especially for ministering to Brandon.  

And, I have to add a quick incredibly humbled, appreciative, and truly astonished Thank you to the ARFCOM community.  I have no words for how kind and generous you all have been, and I hope you know how much your community has been an amazing part of Brandon's life.  And our marriage - I often asked him to poll arfcom on a debate or question.  We laughed over many posts together, and something from the forum was a topic of discussion for us nearly daily.  To see the impact of this community click HERE.

This is on a more intimate note, but please pray that God brings me continued supernatural strength.  I am terrified.  Everyone else has their primary physical support person to lean on through this, and I am loosing mine.  I can not fathom how I will navigate this without Brandon.  God will get me through moment by moment, day by day.  He gives and He takes away, and I am so thankful for the man He gave me for the past 10 years of my life.  He just gave me so much in one person, so many roles in my life will be missed when needed most, especially father to Aria.  Abba Father, Aria and I need you like I've never known before.

-Comfort for Brandon; spiritual, physical and emotional.
-Strength, peace, wisdom, and guidance for all of us.
-God's guidance and provisions for our care arrangements 
-Safe travels for all those coming to support 
-Blessings multiplied for all those who have donated to help us.  

To share, follow or donate to Giveforward click HERE. (Just a reminder since there has been confusion - the purple 'donate today' button on this page is a donation to CaringBridge, not to our Fundraiser.)

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