What is this?

What is this? I don't really know, other then a continuation of my updates and writings that I was sharing previously on Caringbridge of this journey through cancer and now widowhood and single parenting.

Maybe it won't end up being anything at all, or maybe it will be a glimpse into my heart, my life, my current situation, my testimony.

Whatever it becomes, I am touched that you are interested.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Another Development

I am sitting next to Brandon in the hospital. He is in pain, so much pain. My heart hurts so deeply for my precious husband. For the father of my child. 

I have lost the ability to pray anything other then 'Oh God', but I know He hears my heart. He hears all of us pleading. 

Upon return to the ER a CT scan showed some sort of bowel obstruction.

Tomorrow they plan to do a colonoscopy to see what they can see. We need your desperate prayers. 

At this point I don't even know what to hope for. The PET scan 6 weeks ago didn't show anything to be concerned about in the colon. 

With all that is on the table, severe kidney issues, a blood clot, cancer and now a bowel obstruction, things have gotten pretty scary. 

Thank you for holding us up with prayer. Anyone in this situation would be leveled by it by now, and we are still going one day at a time. We are doing our best to find joy. Aria has brought so much to us. God gave us her at His perfect timing. I still struggle with accepting that timing daily - but ultimately it's not up to me on what 'perfect' is. 

I don't know what to ask for specifically in prayer right now, but God knows...so please just pray, even if it's just crying 'Oh God!'

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